Areas of Practice

Throughout Mr. Gordner's career his practice has been restricted basically to the defence of those charged with criminal , tax, and other white collar crimes as follows:

Prosecution Experience

Appointed part time Assistant Crown Attorney for the Count of Essex, Province of Ontario by Order in Council  (1974-1983)


Appointed by the Canadian Department of Justice to prosecute  charges of income tax evasion in regard to certain cases (R. v. Robson, R. v. Klundert)


Appointed to prosecute on behalf of the Essex Regional Conservation Authority


Special Appointment

Appointed by the [Canadian] Deputy Minister of National Revenue as an Inquiry Officer (lawyer presenting evidence in a quasi-judicial hearing very roughly equivalent to grand jury proceedings in regards to income tax offences presided over by a Hearing Officer with no jury present) pursuant to Section 231.4 of the Income Tax Act. This Inquiry was an investigation into the affairs of certain individuals and certain corporations related to secret commissions and which lead to a multiplicity of tax evasion charges as well as criminal charges against numerous individuals (1990-1991).